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Horse play and some useful hints and tips for better riding

Welcome to the Riding Wales Kid's Page! There are lots of lovely ponies and horses from the riding centres in Wales waiting for you to take them for a ride.

If you have never been horse riding before, you can still have a great time pony trekking on one of the gentler ponies like Rosie, Whispa or Merrylegs.

If you are more experienced and would prefer to go for a canter there are more lively but very obedient horses like Polka from West Wales, an Appaloosa gelding.

Q. What kind of bread does a horse eat?
A. Thoroughbred

Man walks up to a shetland pony and asks: "Do you have a sore throat?"
The pony replies: "No i'm just a little horse."

Q. What does it mean if you find a horse shoe?
A. Some poor horse is walking around in his socks.

Q. How many horses have three legs?
A. They all do

Q. What breeds of horses can jump higher than a house?
A. All breeds. Houses don't jump.

Think our jokes are awful and you can do better? Why not send them to us, and we'll out them on this page for everyone to laugh at!

Hints & Tips - The right way to get on a horse

Some Important DOs

1. DO learn how to prepare and position your horse to stand still while you get on. It is safest if your horse waits until you ask him to walk, after you are secure in the saddle.

2. DO ask a capable person to hold your horse for you while you experiment with the best way for you to get on.

3. DO practice raising and lowering your stirrups on both sides of the horse from the ground and from the saddle.

4. DO Recognize the difference between a stirrup that is adjusted for mounting a tall horse and one that is well-adjusted for riding.

5. DO practice adjusting your reins for mounting on either side. Think and plan ahead for the time when you will need to stop your horse's feet if he starts to walk while you are halfway up.

6. DO face the back of the horse when you prepare to mount, unless some physical problem prevents it. It is a harder, but safer way to mount. Why? Because when you face the back of the horse with your hip at, or ahead of, the shoulder you are in a better position to see most of the horse's body and all four of his feet-you are ahead of the action. Always wait until the horse's feet have stopped moving before swinging your leg over his back.

And Some Equally Important DON'TS!!

1. DON'T face the front of the horse as you prepare to mount. In this position, you can't move quickly if the horse kicks at a fly, or at you, with a hind foot. A horse can reach you with a hind foot even if you're standing in front of his shoulder.

2. DON'T use your reins for balance and support.

3. DON'T haul yourself up with both hands gripping the saddle. If the horse moves, your hands will be too far back on the reins for you to stop his feet and get on safely. If the cinch is loose, you could pull the saddle out of position. The saddle, and you, might slip under the horse.

4. DON'T grab the back of the saddle to pull yourself up


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